Interior Design

Interior designing is important for every structure. Whether it is a house or a bank, interiors will play an important role in setting the aesthetics of that building.


Architecture Design

Legend designers work more closely with architects. Constructing a building is a long process and requires a good amount of investment.


Landscape Design

Everyone loves the big idea and implementations about designing particular part in landscape designs. Landscape architecture is the only place where by oneself stuns at!!



It takes passion & luv to convert house to home. Everyone dreams of a home but seldom it feels incomplete even after effort and expenditure. These are the right people to make your dream home come true. Innovative & creative team equipped with determination to satisfy their clientele. He is Mr.Dependable (Daya). Hats off to you & your team.
Mr. Sathish Kumar
It is indeed a great pleasure to have you in my list of Inner Circle of family friends, I did not realize until i met you during my search for a Professional Interior Decorator. Thanks to the technology of search engines.....that helped me to find ONE (Daya) like you.... who has done a Marvelous Job to my villa # 2 "Gummadi's Prestige Park at Kompally. I was really confused the way calls were pouring in from different areas, regarding the project handling. My decision to go with Legend Designers has paid off to a great extent on professional front, and on a personal benefit, I have a great friend and family. Daya's approach towards the work is meticulously planned, he discusses the idea , with the client, provides the economics and alternatives so as to fit the individuals budget. The unique character of this Gentleman is to take the client to the vendor and negotiates for better and the best pricing. I can speak of more volumes but..... I believe that "ACTIONS SPEAK MORE VOLUMES" than words or testimonials. Few photographs attached for reference..... In a nut shell, If i have to speak of Legend Designers....They are "SIMPLY SUPERB" in their approach and "PERFECTLY PROFESSIONAL" in their work. Daya is a lovely gentleman and a thorough professional to deal with. I would strongly recommend to give him a chance and he would not let anybody down of their expectations. THANK YOU SO MUCH DAYA, YOU HELPED ME LIVE A COMFORTABLE AND PEACEFUL LIFE.
Mr.S.Sai Krishnan
Daya is a friend and now we are working together... the transition has been smooth considering how approachable Daya has been. It was for the first time I was getting the interiors done, and I was worried about how to go about it, how much it would cost ,would our ideas match etc. But the Daya from the beginning has been very meticulous about what step has to be taken at what time. The cost, design, timeline everything was discussed and mutual ideas were shared. Daya and his team has put in a lot of hard work to make the design as it is, within the set time line without compromising on any aspect. All my queries and questions were answered and resolved. It has been a very good experience and I would definitely recommend Legend Designers to all the people in my circle. Keep up the good work and all the very best to Daya.
Mrs. Aditi Jai Singh
It was after multiple discussions and being in a limbo state to whom should I finalize my home, I half heartedly chose to go with you. But, frankly speaking it turned out to be one the better decision I have made. Though apart from providing the designs, getting the execution to as close as what was discussed, which is a part of agreement and is expected out of any Vendor to the matter of fact, but here is the difference, a key differentiator which put you in a different league than others atleast to me. The Core quality that separates you from others is you make friends and on the very first meet the relation of Vendor ~Client is not there.. ( We have been buddies even after 2 yrs of Completing my house and bump into each other when ever possible) This, makes us comfortable and we can discuss on the things more freely. You are always open to Ideas and do not feel Supreme, that's another big differentiator. Your commitment and being always on time even kept us on our toes. At times we felt bad that you reach the site much before we do. You have been quite honest wrt the Financial Discussion and never felt that any penny of mine is not getting accounted for. You had been quite patient, all along the project, I remember you accepting changes at the last minute. You never compromised on quality and delivered the quality what was promised. You went Out of the way and roamed with me all across the city for the things which were not part of scope, but just to make things perfect you helped us in getting the final furnishings. You have even helped in getting the some minor issues fixed even after an year of project completion.. There are several other instances which are difficult to recall, but having said this I am yet to see any other Vendor Providing such a service. We always hear that Designer left the project after 80% work completed and never return. We always hear financial Quarrels in these cases but we never had one till date. So, having said this If ever I am to do another house atleast I do not have to search for any one and can safely give a turnkey to you .. Believe, who so ever will do one Project with you his search to find a Designer and Executor is over. Strongly recommend Daya for interior and Exterior Solutions
Sudeep Nigam
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